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Termite Control

Termite Control from Davis Pest Control:
We are a values driven family business and our company holds a prestigious position among its competitors in New Mexico. We have implemented advanced technology in termite control, empowered by resourceful and well experienced technicians.


Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Providing Pre-Construction Anti-termite Treatment under slabs and all around foundations, basement excavation, under floors, junction of wall and floors along the external perimeter of the building etc. We provide up to a five year guarantee for this preventive treatment.


Post-Construction Termite Treatment

A termite baiting system may be the best approach for protecting structures because it eliminates the termite colony by using only a few ounces of material, while being less-disruptive to property owners. Call now for more information on this revolutionary new approach.


We also provide a conventional type treatment by drilling holes of 8mm diameter and 6 inches depth at 1 foot intervals and then apply chemical under the slab through these holes, after which the holes are completely sealed up. Other options may be to spot-treat particular areas or to establish an exterior barrier around the foundation perimeter. We have many options to fit your personal needs and they come with a guarantee for up to five years.

There is an old saying, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” This is so true when it comes to termite control because the prevention is a fraction of the cost of treatment and repairs. The destruction caused by  termites can be more costly than that of storms, fires or other natural disasters, which makes termites among the most dangerous destroyers of homes and businesses in New Mexico. The amount of damage caused by the termites is increasing each year, and it is vital to take preventive measures before the expense of treating an infestation hits you. Termite control is crucial for every New Mexico home.

So, before the termites take control of your house and start to destroy it, let Davis Pest Control help you out.

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